Christian Doctrine or moral science, English, Telugu, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hygiene, Physical education, Arts and crafts are being taught in the school.


      Admission is open only to L.K.G of Savio Kinder Garden School and in other classes according to the availability of seats.


The term fee is to be paid at the beginning of every term viz.

I Term Fee in June
II Term Fee in October
III Term Fee in January

Parents should take it as their prime duty to pay term fee as given above. Any default is likely to incur a fine Rs.50/- per month. Kindly make the payment on time to avoid all unpleasantness.

Timings for payment: 8.30 A.M. to 11.30 A.M. (on Saturdays only till 10.30 A.M.)

Advice to parents

Parents are requested not to enter the school to speak to the teachers during class hours. Parents who seek information or who wish to make some complaints should do so the Headmaster and not to the teachers. They should vacate the premises once they leave their wards in the school.

Every third Saturday, parents/guardians are requested to meet the class teacher and the subject teachers concerned along with their ward to discuss the various aspects of the pupil’s performance in the school from 12 Noon to 12.30 P.M

Spirit of Generosity

Pupils must be encouraged to develop a spirit of generosity. However no gifts of demonstration of any sort individual or collective, to teachers is allowed without the previous consent of the Headmaster.

Parents to abide by Rules and Regulations

The entrusting of pupil to the school implies that the parents agree to abide by the rules and regulations and decisions of the school.

Parents are requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are followed.