The library and reading room will be opened every day from 11.45.a.m to 12.25.p.m. Absolute silence should be maintained in the reading room.

The librarian’s permission is necessary to take away any reading material outside the reading room. Any loss of books or damage caused will have to be made good at the discretion of the librarian or the Headmaster.


A week’s notice in writing is required for the removal of the pupil. The requisition should be made by the father of the student concerned. If the father is no more, the mother’s signature is necessary.

The T.C or any other certificate or testimonial will be given free of charge if taken immediately when leaving. Otherwise a search fee Rs.5/- will be charged for every year and Rs.10/- will be levied for any extract from the school record.

Saturday Class

Saturday is a working day. There will be seven short periods from 8.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m

Parents’ Co-operation

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school and take interest in their children’s progress. They should check the diary and SMS in their cell phones for any remark and acknowledge the observations with their signature.

Private Tuitions

Private tuitions in general are discouraged since it does not make the students self-reliant. However, in exceptional cases tuitions may be helpful. Members of the staff are forbidden to engage themselves in private tuitions either at their residence or in the school without the written permission of the Headmaster. Parents who want to have private tuitions for their children should contact the Headmaster with a written request and he will make the necessary arrangements.

Progress Report

Progress reports showing the application of the pupils and their results will be sent to the parents after every examination. Marks are not given in the progress report-instead Grades are given.