1. Don Bosco School intends to give a complete information with regards to academics, training in arts, sports, cultural and social activities leading to the total development of the students.
  2. We believe that complete education necessarily includes a religious dimension. Christians are offered a class in Christian doctrine. While non- Christians will study moral Science.
  3. Following in the footsteps of the founder of Don Bosco institution, we put into practice the system of education commonly known as “The Preventive System”. This System is based on reason, religion and kindness. The most outstanding feature of this system is the pupil-teacher report, which in turn creates mutual trust, a climate of nature, serenity, creativity and openness to adapt to the discipline, ethics and morals to live in the society.
  4. The parents of students make an integral part of the educative community. The management and Teachers are the facilitators who play a vital role in the education of the student community.
  5. In admitting students, the following criteria is considered:
  •  Don Bosco High School is a MINORITY INSTITUTION and hence Christian students will be given preference.
  • The school will cater to the needs of the neighbourhood, so that the children living within St.Theresa’s
    parish and St.Francis Xavier’s parish limits, have a quota under the management.