Don Bosco and his work

Every age sees the dawn of some charismatic person or other apt to redeem that age from the jaws of decadence. When the youth of Italy were swimming in the mire of immorality, God sent John Bosco , a poor peasant boy from Becchi to be a beacon of hope to the youth and lead them back to the feet of god.

Right from his early days, John Bosco had to face untold difficulties and hardships. Having lost his father at the age of two and his family being of limited means, he was forced to learn many a trade to earn his livelihood and t follow up his studies to the priesthood.

Thus, having experienced the hardships of poverty and work in his youth, he always had a great sympathy and love for poor and abandoned youth. As s priest, he dedicated his whole life to the service of youth. During his life-time , he established several technical schools and provided education and employment to numerous youth wandering about in the fast industrializing cities of Europe.

Today, the Salesians Of Don Bosco, inspired by the same spirit pursue the noble service of Don Bosco towards the youth all over the world.

The Salesians of the Hyderabad Province of India in keeping with the mind of their founder, look after the education of many of the youth in this region.


  1. School life is the best period of your life. Enjoy it. Love the subjects. Love your teachers. Get fully involved in every activity.
  2. Understand the lesson in the class. Ask for clarification whenever needed. Only a clever student asks doubts.
  3. Revise the lesson at home and make short notes. Make the notes shorter at the 2nd and 3rd
  4. After study close the book and write down the main points in the lesson. Then check if you missed any.
  5. Write important formulae and new words on slips of paper and keep them in your pocket for a quick revision at bus stops, between classes etc.
  6. Prepare your own bit bank searching for new bits. Make a special list of difficult bits. Quiz your friends using bits during your study hours.
  7. Prepare a formula card for ready reference. Frequent reference helps you to study byheart.
  8. Read many books and the daily news paper. Treasure every new world. Note them down and refer the dictionary if needed.
  9. Play for atleast 30 minutes daily, sleeps 6 to 7 hours. When you feel tired; relax, mediate, listen to music or rest for a short while.
  10. Have a hobby. Be interested in many things. Love to meet people and make them happy. Improve your character and manners. Be a better person every day.

Education is more than just studying.