1. The Pupil will be removed from the school rolls for irregular attendance , disobedience, dishonesty, mis conduct etc.
  2. Every student should bring school diary to the school every day.
  3. All the books and note books should be neatly maintained throughout the session, The name and class should be written in between on the pages. In order to avoid missing of the same.
  4. Children are discouraged to handle money.
  5. Every pupil is expected to safe guard his/her own belongings and the belonging s and gadgets of the school
  6. No leave is granted except for valid reasons and that too on prior written application through diary/letter from parents.
  7. Every student must be punctual and regular in his/her attendance to school .School gate will be closed at 8.25 a.m. sharp.
  8. All students will attend the assembly/prayers.
  9. Speaking in English is compulsory for students within the school premises.
  10. Wearing Gold/Silver ornaments like ear rings, anklet-bells, bangles etc. is strictly forbidden.
  11. Students should have their own note books/texts/compass boxes/paint boxes etc. and not take to the habit of borrowing.