On behalf of the Management, the faculty, and the staff, I welcome you to our website and invite you to learn more about us, at Don Bosco High School, Motinagar, Hyderabad. (DBHSM)

Our mission is to educate the young by espousing the values of reason, religion, and loving kindness, to produce virtuous and knowledgeable citizens of excellence. We firmly believe in fostering a safe, secure, and a loving learning community to achieve our goal which is the “civil, moral, and intellectual education” of our students.

With this goal in mind, our highly experienced teachers are devoted to the educational odyssey of every individual child. They engage with every student not only on an academic level but also assist and accompany the child as a lively animator, participating with loving kindness in their life. Following the pedagogy of our patron saint, we believe that the art of educating the young is a “matter of the heart.”       

Don Bosco, Motinagar is proud of its Activity-based Learning methodology as well as the Smart Labs infrastructure we offer to our students. Every student is encouraged to participate in co-curricular and cultural activities; required to attend seminars and workshops on the shifting trends and transformations of the Digital Age.

Nestled within expansive grounds, our school campus spans across seven acres. Students enjoy outstanding opportunities to explore their skills and talents in our extensive program of Sports, Fine Arts, and Music, to complete the development of their Salesian mind, body, and soul. More simply, our playgrounds offer them ample liberty to play, jump, run, and make a din as much as they please. Something very few schools can brag about! Little wonder that all our students love their campus and after a brief holiday, are excited to get back to school with pleasure.     

In line with Don Bosco tradition, DBHSM underscores the significance of Faith, Family, and Fun within the realm of education. While I cannot over emphasize the critical role of parents in their child’s education.

I thank you, on behalf of Don Bosco Motinagar, for entrusting your child’s future to us. I look forward to serving you, collaborating with you, to uphold the highest standards of academic excellence. Together, let us transcend traditional education; let us shape a new generation of well-educated, well-adjusted, values-based young ones, useful to the civil society.



Mrs. Ephatha Naresh