Greetings !!!    It is reassuring to witness the capability and efficiency of our fraternity to sail through the challenging situation with might and positivity.  This instils hope for future

Holistic education has been the tradition of this institution of learning the strong faculty are passionately committed to an all round development of the learners.

The academic programs and pedagogy practices empower the learners with sound domain knowledge with skills, social consciousness, critical and creative thinking competence, communicative effectiveness and team spirits.  We also emphasize values such as ethics, hope, compassion, residence and gratitude to be the purpose of education.

Students are given ample opportunities to bring out and horn their  varied  potentialities and thus  bloom into citizens of high competence and sterling character.

I believe this will set in motion the virtuous cycle and result in a positive society

Rev. Fr. Gopu Peter Reddy. SDBA.